BLOG: Another recommendation that must not be missed on aspielazuli: Ollibean

Since I read the blogposts of Amy Sequenzia, I have a much more detailed reflection of another body with autistic soul (or was it the other way `round?) than my own.


Confession Of A Woman In A Refrigerator (Speech Without A Title 2.0)

When autism REALLY speaks: A lively example for self advocacy.

Just Stimming...

lol conflating disability and DEATH so casually that nobody but disabled ppl notices.

So the thing is, most of this belongs at the bioethics conference, but, but, jesus.

I remember being in high school and not being surewhy, exactly, college had to be a thing, because I was going to be dead by the time I was thirty.

(Two-thirds of the way there and I still can’t see more than ten years down the line and maybe, maybe a small part of what I’m doing is motivated bynow or never, I’ll do this right.)

Why would I be dead by the time I was thirty? Well, every other girl like me never seemed to make it to womanhood, it only stood to reason.

At some point, and I’ve told this story so many times and it never stops making me want to…

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