Road Trip Activism… #BoycottAutismSpeaks

A strong young man with heart & brains, stands against stigma of ‘Autism Speaks’

Thirty Days of Autism

The other day H and I went on a road trip to Bellingham, WA. We talked long, as is our habit on lengthy drives, and had the chance to explore all sorts of topics. We also nabbed the chance to take a few photos in front of an Autism Speaks billboard.

We have driven by this billboard so many times – and each time I have cringed as we discuss the rhetoric promoted by Autism Speaks, because I wonder if the positive messages we give our son are enough to mitigate the constant barrage of negativity in the media.

But this time we stopped, and when we did so, I could see that H stood a little taller…

H and I will feel different from now on when we pass that sign because we shifted things to create a message of pride.  This action, though it may have been…

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2 thoughts on “Road Trip Activism… #BoycottAutismSpeaks

  1. Hi Ruuby,
    This is H. I am glad you like the pictures. Thank you for telling me. My mom showed me that you shared the message here on your blog too. That is a message of hope. Thank you.
    From H

    • Hello H!
      What good news to get your message at breakfast – made my day!
      After all the misery with ‘Autism Speaks’, we should never forget living.
      And cooking good stuff. 😉
      I like your and your mother’s blog a lot. Thanks, too.
      Greetings from

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