Autism, Empathy, and The R Word

Yes! Diversity is what we are. And we all should succeed in living and understanding it. H does. I’m so happy-flappy again to read this. 😉

Thirty Days of Autism

I have to tell you that my son, H, loved watching a somewhat irritating internet show called Fred – which I think is rather much of a sensation with the early teen or pre-adolescent set. Well – a while back I asked him why he wasn’t watching it any more – and he said,  “Fred is dead – he used the R word – so I am not watching that show anymore.”

That was over 4 months ago… and he hasn’t gone back to it.

Last night we went to a movie and I was working hard to remind H that he needed to be quiet in the theatre. This is always a bit of a challenge – as he is so full of questions – and really I do want to encourage that kind of thinking and questioning and social interaction.

He usually does pretty well, but it still…

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