About blueprints and the boycott of a fraud called ‘Autism Speaks’

The color blue doesn’t stand for the Autism Speaks Company here. It stands for Blueprints that anyone can take and spread.
An opposite pole against the press propaganda – Take back the Blue and #boycottautismspeaks, because they inflict damage to autistic people. (read more in the blogs)

In the future, I will build a blog for people on the autism spectrum and all interested individuals in here. All written lyrics will be free for everyone to copy and spread. Further I want to build up a “press” for autistics for a better expression, for identification of misinterpretations of the world press and institutions about autistic people. I am Aspie myself and I want to break a long kept silence about the picture that was painted about AS.
Especially lately, a lot of bad propaganda gone through the media, which concerns alleged studies. I think it`s time to form an opposite pole.

Take a read.


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